About Willex

Designed for an urban lifestyle

The Willex brand name is synonymous with products with character. We develop our products in line with the main characteristics of our users. Strong, robust and tough.

The special character of our products lies in the alignment with urban use and the connection to the unique needs of all the people who, together with their bicycles, are part of urban traffic and urban life every day.

The best of both worlds

The inspiration for our products we get from countries with a real cycling culture. As Dutch people we have grown up with cycling, it is a part of our daily life and the perfect source of information and inspiration.

The basis for product development and research therefore lies in the Benelux. New products and collections are conceived, tested and improved in these regions’s before they are made suitable for the global market.

The production of Willex articles takes place in our own factories in Asiaë and is done according to European standards for environment and safety. From offices in Hong Kong and Belgiumë our products are distributed worldwide. This allows us to guarantee the best quality in every step of the process, from design to production and distribution.